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How to go to college ... without going broke How to go to college ... without going broke

If your child is ready for college and your family income is over $80,000 a year, this important information is for you...


Can A Simple Phone Call Cut 25% Off Your Child's College Tuition Bill?

Find Out With This FREE 30-Minute Phone Strategy Session That Can Literally Save You Thousands On Tuition Each Year
In only 30 minutes, you'll have your own easy-to-follow 4 Step Action Plan customized specifically to your family's unique situation.

And you'll discover proven strategies to reduce your child's tuition bill 25% or more...strategies that most parents don't even know exist.

According to the College Board, over 90% of college financial aid and scholarship forms are filled out incorrectly. You'll learn how to avoid these common mistakes that cost families thousands in financial aid and scholarship each year.


You'll learn:


  • The 4 most common mistakes parents make when reporting their cash assets and 2 simple things you can do to avoid these costly mistakes
  • The 2 best ways to report real estate assets on your financial aid forms (You can save over $10,000 with just one of these ideas.)
  • The 3 most common mistakes families make when reporting their real estate value and 3 simple ways to fix them
  • The 10 costly errors most parents make when applying for financial aid
  • How 529 Plans reduce your chances of scholarship money and one simple solution
  • How your child's assets hurt scholarship eligibility and 2 easy things you can do about it
  • How a private scholarship can kill your chances of a college awarded scholarship and one very simple quick fix

There are many places to find general information about paying for college today. But does all this information - and misinformation - really help your family cope with one of the most expensive and complex decisions you'll ever make?

We don't think so. We've been helping families cut their tuition bills and make college affordable for over 30 years. And we know that each family's situation and requirements are unique. When it comes to paying for college, one size definitely does not fit all.

We've found that working one-on-one with an experienced, unbiased professional is the only way to ensure you get the right information for your family.

That's why we created a FREE customized phone strategy session to educate people about what's available today, including important changes in the new tax laws, and how all this fits your family's specific needs.

Get the critical information you need to save over 25% on your child's college tuition. And get your own customized 4 Step Action Plan that shows you exactly how you can do it.

Sign up for your FREE 30-minute customized strategy session today.

You can sign up right here on our website. Or call us at 978-462-1666 to set up your FREE strategy session.


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Phone Strategy Session

Save 25% or more on your child's tuition bill with your FREE phone strategy session. And get your own customized 4 Step Action Plan. Just fill out the information below and we'll call  you to set up your strategy session. Or call us directly at 978-462-1666.

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"John DeLorey knows his stuff. He saved us 50% on our son's tuition. I am truly impressed."
- Mark Hayden
 Havehill, MA

" Dan has been awarded a financial aid package of over $21,000 with the bulk of it being grants and scholarships for the Fall semester. Your strategies proved to be right on. "
- Diane, Daniel and Joseph Marotta 
 Reading, MA

"Well, John, we couldn't have done it without you. To have gotten financial aid reducing our granddaughter's tuition from $54,000 to $15,000 is a phenomenal achievement. Especially since the process was started well past the deadlines."
 - Joan and Ben Gitlow
  South Wellfleet, MA